About Carol Stream...

In 1959, its founder and original developer Jay Stream incorporated the Village of Carol Stream.  Jay Stream envisioned Carol Stream as community comprised of residential homes in the west sector mixed with light industrial business and industries in the east sector.  Since its incorporation 53 years ago, the Village has continued to grow and prosper. Today, the Village is home to over 800 businesses and industries and approximately 40,000 residents living in 15,050 dwelling units. Because of a strong industrial and commercial base, the Village has been able to offer its residents a full array of municipal services without levying a local property tax. Carol Stream offers its residents modern schools, a large modern park system, a full-service library and a community of churches serving many religious denominations. The Village has recently expanded its water and wastewater utilities to meet projected future customer demand for these essential Village services.  For more information on the Village of Carol Stream please go to www.carolstream.org

Village of Carol Stream’s Philosophy of Partnership with the Business Community
by Community Development Department/Village of Carol Stream

Quality Standards Carol Stream has adopted up-to-date, nationally-accepted building codes with very few local amendments. This makes it easy for architects to work in our town, and there is no question to what the minimum standards of quality are. In addition, the zoning regulations are relatively simple, and consistent with DuPage communities.

Services – The Village offers many services to business, including job ads on our website and an extensive library of informational handouts. We are always open to suggestions.

Information Provider Check out our website at www.carolstream.org for information valuable to businesses. We have plans in the works to offer other useful information on our website, and as I said, we are always open to suggestions.

 Cooperation I’m sure we all would agree that a healthy business climate is a benefit to all of us in the Carol Stream community. Our mission is to listen and respond to your needs as best we can, in order to help you achieve your goals while at the same time upholding the community’s standards of health, life safety and quality.

 Service – Because we love to see a business thrive and improve itself, we try to make the approval process as quick and easy as possible to get through. Compared with other communities, Carol Stream is one of the quickest at turning around building permits submittals and zoning requests.
Approachable – We like to get things done without wasting a lot of time.  If any of you ever has a problem with a building permit or zoning request, please give me a call at 630-871-6233 or e-mail me at [email protected] and I will do my best to break the log jam.